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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
Sarah Lucas: NUD NOB

Sarah Lucas: NUD NOB
NEW YORK  •  Gladstone Gallery  •  Ongoing

British artist Sarah Lucas's first US exhibition in nearly a decade features a series of large-scale bronze and cast-concrete sculptures displayed variously on pedestals, and, at other times, installed directly on the floor. Characteristic of Lucas’s practice, the works simultaneously suggest multiple forms, as with the two monumental bronze works Florian and Kevin, which appear as both oversized vegetables and phallic-shaped sculptures.

Sarah Lucas: Nud Nob Installation New York
Sarah Lucas: NUD NOB
Installation view: Gladstone Gallery

Human anatomy has long fascinated Sarah Lucas (born 1962, London), and even in her earliest works she substituted furniture for human body parts, often adding a suggestion of genitalia. In her recent work, the form of the phallus in particular has been a recurring visual motif, one that she sees as “a perfectly self-contained sculptural form, ‘pregnant’ with meaning.” The exhibition further investigates her interest in the phallus with two cast-concrete works, Eros and Priapus, which are displayed in recumbent positions, resting on pedestals crafted out of crushed cars.  Referencing the Greek gods of love and fertility, respectfully, Lucas uses the titling of her work to infuse the sculptures with a humorous gesture. Language and its potential for both poetic alliteration and sly allusion is central to Lucas's works, and her titles often draw on slang, puns, and historical references to invoke allusions that are variously erotic, romantic, and funny.

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Gladstone Gallery
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New York, NY


Tel: (1) 212 206 93 00

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