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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Italy
Pae White ...and then you know what

Pae White ...and then you know what
MILAN  •  Kaufmann Repetto  •  Ongoing

For her exhibition …and then you know what?, the California-born American artist Pae White (1963) presents an installation of four new tapestries that immortalize ephemeral objects in the attempt to render them, "something different from themselves." The tapestries are part of a series originally developed for her 2013 solo exhibition at MAK in Vienna, where the artist responded to the museum's renowned collection of applied arts. The monumental tapestries are woven entirely from metallic threads, which create an almost dematerialized surface. Here, the source image was a photograph of antique Japanese fabric samples that is transformed into a lustrous, mosaic-like weave, with a scale that recalls 16th century models of the genre.

Using again the collection of MAK in Vienna as a point of departure, Pae White develops a chess game composed of various toys and figurines. The figures are inspired by those the artist found in the MAK's archive. After a series of edits, Pae White sent the images of the found objects to fabricators around the globe. In places as diverse and distant as Lithuania and Ethiopia, the artists invited artisans and craftworkers to reinterpret these forms, reviving nameless, unattributed, and forgotten objects with new life and eliciting an array of cross-cultural and formal interpretations.

In the second room of the gallery, the artist presents an installation made of 540 neon, originally conceived for the London Underground Station of Gloucester Road.

Pae White lives and works in Los Angeles.

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