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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England
Jerry Dammers' Spatial A.K.A. Orchestra (and Reggae Ensemble)

Jerry Dammers' Spatial A.K.A. Orchestra (and Reggae Ensemble)
LONDON  •  Barbican Hall  •  Ongoing
Founder of The Specials and 2 Tone, Jerry Dammers has moved his Spatial AKA Orchestra on quite a way from its beginnings as a tribute to maverick jazz musician Sun Ra.

At its last concert in Berlin the orchestra, containing some of the cream of Britain’s jazz players, expanded the scope of its repertoire. The original space sounds, funk jazz and cosmic blues have met strange library music and a strand of what Jerry calls the ‘lost summer’ of reggae, rock steady, ska, and the big band rhythm and blues which gave birth to it – music originally played by Jamaican jazz players like Tommy McCook, and occasionally celebrated by the orchestra under the name Reggae Ensemble.

Barbican Centre Website

Detailed schedule information:
7:30 pm

Contact: Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS
Tel: (44) 20 76 38 88 91

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