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Travel Tip: Dance in Austria
Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

Meg Stuart: <EM>Built to Last</EM>&nbsp;
Meg Stuart: Built to Last 
Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods: Sketches/Notebook
VIENNA  •  MQ Halle G  •  Ongoing

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods: Sketches/Notebook (Austrian premiere)
Choreography: Meg Stuart

Over the years Meg Stuart has become known as an artist who closely relates her movement theatre to the visual arts.

In a recent work, Built to Last, for example, Stuart literally questioned monumentality. What is the relevance of historical monuments today? Is grand rhetoric their only form of expression, or do they also come into contact with us in a more subtle way? Can a statue remain topical or is it irrevocably doomed to ossify into faded glory? What is a place on a pedestal worth today?

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Tel: (43) 1 52 35 558

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