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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in United States
Richard Serra: "Wake," "Blindspot," "Catwalk" and "Vice-Versa."

Richard Serra: "Wake," "Blindspot," "Catwalk" and "Vice-Versa."
NEW YORK  •  Gagosian Gallery Chelsea  •  Ongoing
It was in the 2001 exhibition that Serra used the torus shape in his sculpture for the first time. Simply explained, the torus is a geometrical donut. Serra uses two sections from the torus – the outer spherical section and the inner toroid section.

Blindspot is composed of six plates, three spheroids and three toroids. Wake is composed of five pairs of plates and occupies the largest space in the gallery. Each plate is a double torus, which has a profile of a vertically flattened S. These modules are juxtaposed to form pairs of closed forms measuring 14' high, 48' long and 6' wide. Vice-Versa is an open form created from two torus sections. Catwalk (Reverse Camber) is a plate, which bridges the elevational cut flanking the incline section of the gallery floor.

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