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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Mexico
Eduardo Navarro: Octopia

Eduardo Navarro: Octopia
MEXICO CITY  •  Museo Tamayo  •  Ongoing

Eduardo Navarro (Buenos Aires, 1979) approaches each project as a case study in which his recurrent determination to transform into another being results in altered behavior and rules of conduct. Navarro´s artistic method rejects the imminent distance between himself and his object of study. Therefore, when researching alternate ways of thinking and expressions that are unfamiliar to him, Navarro immerses himself in different social systems related to the animal, legal, spiritual, scientific, archaeological, and sports spheres. 

In Octopia — a project developed for Museo Tamayo—Navarro creates a system of thought for a large-scale octopus. The work occupies the galleries of the museum as an installation; it becomes an active being in a series of performances in the Chapultepec Park. Navarro´s interest in octopods originates from the fact that these are allegedly the most intelligent invertebrate animals. The intention of gathering 80 participants for Octopia is to collectively transform into this extraordinary animal, by means of an exploration that involves movement and corporal sensitivity.

Museo Tamayo Website

Contact: Museo Tamayo
Reforma y Gandhi s/n
Bosque de Chapultepec
CP 11580, México City
Tel: (52) 55 5286 65 19

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