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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Sweden
Georg Oddner

Copyright Georg Oddner/Malmö Museer: • Anita Ekberg, Malmö 1953 • Photo courtesy of Malmö Museer  • 
Copyright Georg Oddner/Malmö Museer:
Anita Ekberg, Malmö 1953
Photo courtesy of Malmö Museer
Georg Oddner
MALMÖ  •  Malmö Museer and Malmö Konsthall  •  Ongoing
In a unique collaboration, Malmö Museer and Malmö Konsthall are simultaneously exhibiting in two major, separate exhibitions a wide variety of photographer and artist Georg Oddner's best and most well known pictures.

Georg Oddner's artistic career spans more than five decades. He has photographed everything and everyone, with all possible techniques and for all conceivable clients. The variety of his work is endless and his subject matter boundless. He himself has said: "Everything is subject matter - the key is to express the subject so that you acquire a relationship to it." His pictures exude careful thought and humanism, respect and human closeness. All this shines through his pictures and makes him so unique as a photographer.

In 2002 Malmö Museer took over Georg Oddner's entire output, which encompasses a collection of some 40,000 rolls of film containing 675,000 exposures. In other words, there was an enormous treasure-trove of pictures to choose from for the exhibitions. One aim of the exhibitions is to increase knowledge and awareness of this collection of unique photographs.

At Malmö Konsthall pictures will be shown from Georg's world-wide travels, his portraits, jazz photos, fashion photos and still lifes. His ability to convey insight into the new and unfamiliar situations he encountered in different parts of the world permeates his pictures. In the many portraits of well known figures, he penetrates - with consideration and respect - behind the facades. With his past as a jazz musician - and tennis player - he has a feeling for rhythm and coordination, and thereby a unique ability to depict the great figures of jazz with their music and musicality. In his fashion photos he has captured something more than just the models' beauty and the garments' allure. He depicts a different world in his still lifes: photos of dried flowers. Out of this withered, dead existence he extracts great and lasting beauty.

Georg Oddner was born in Stockholm in 1923. For the past 50 years he has lived and worked in Malmö - and the whole world.

Malmö Konsthall Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
13 September - 2 November 2003 MALMÖ KONSTHALL
13 September - 15 February 2004 MALMÖ MUSEER

Contact: Tel: (46) 40 34 12 94

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