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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience

Bruce Naumann • Art Make-up No. 1: White (Detail), 1967-1968 • 16mm color films, silent - Videostill • © VG Bild - Kunst, Bonn 2003 / 2004 • Photo courtesy of Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin
Bruce Naumann
Art Make-up No. 1: White (Detail), 1967-1968
16mm color films, silent - Videostill
© VG Bild - Kunst, Bonn 2003 / 2004
Photo courtesy of Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin
Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience
BERLIN  •  Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin  •  Ongoing
Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience a selection of his works dating from 1966 to 1990. The wide spectrum of mediums used by Nauman, ranging from video to holography to neon, mirrors the thematic diversity of his production, which investigates the nature of the artmaking process as well as the nature of the human condition.

Nauman's interest in art which expresses the passage of time was further influenced by his awareness of contemporaneous avant-garde dance, music, and film. Artists such as Meredith Monk, Steve Reich, and Andy Warhol were exploring the aesthetic and conceptual aspects of duration and repetition as well as incorporating remnants of the everyday in their own compositions.

Accompanying the exhibition is a catalogue with essays by curator Susan Cross and Christine Hoffmann in German and English. The price of the publication is € 19.

Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin

Contact: Tel: (49) 30 20 20 93-0

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