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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Denmark
I Hate You

I Hate You: The Falckenberg Collection
HUMLEBAEK  •  Louisiana Museum of Art  •  Ongoing
Over a period of less than ten years the 60-year-old German art collector Harald Falckenberg has built up a collection of a good 1400 works, and it is still growing rapidly – a colourful bouquet of outstan­ding art with the emphasis on a number of tendencies from the past 40 years, clearly put together on the basis of a com­mitted social debater and collector's decided interest in the role of art in modern society, which can be both political and critical, and his awareness of the absurd, carnal, sexual and profoundly subjective aspects of existence. The collection has a number of focuses: the transgressive, collage, action, humour and political criticism, often resulting in fleshly materiality, irony and direct confrontation. The chummily polite title of the exhibition, for example, comes from the German artist Martin Kippenberger's humorous painting I Hate You (1990).

The collection features works by Arthur Köpcke, Dieter Roth, Sigmar Polke, Gilbert & George, Raymond Pettibon, Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen, Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley.

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