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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in England
State of Play

State of Play
LONDON  •  Serpentine Gallery  •  Ongoing
Artists in the exhibition include Italian-born artist-provocateur Maurizio Cattelan, much of whose work functions as spectacle, challenging the conventions of the art institution; British Turner Prize winner Martin Creed, whose self-effacing approach results in deceptively simple yet highly subversive works of art; and New York artist Tony Feher who, with common materials such as coloured tape, string and filled or partially filled water bottles, creates restrained yet playful interventions inside and outside the gallery space.

The mundane and often absurd scenarios in the videos of German-born Christian Jankowski are infused with a sense of irony and deliberate self-mocking. Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri brings out the poetic potential in everyday objects and materials to reflect on consumer behaviour and the function of art within capitalist society.

German artist Bjørn Melhus samples popular culture sources including daytime television, telemarketing, popular film and music, and televangelism, moulding himself into all the characters that inhabit these contrived realities. Polish-born, New York-based artist Aleksandra Mir works at the crossroads between performance, conceptual art and political action resulting in an art that always directly involves the artist, and is tinged with the tragic-comic. British duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster create installations that explore the status of the artist within consumer culture, using light projections to turn discarded materials into arresting self-portraits.

Combining elements of performance art, poetry, music and sculpture, the video installations of Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist envelop the viewer in a total environment that is sometimes mesmerizing and intriguing, sometimes arch and witty. Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley makes deliberately faux naïve drawings and sculptures that focus on the absurdity of everyday life. German artist Andreas Slominski infuses everyday materials with sly humour to create cunning works of art that require closer examination to unveil their hidden meaning. Sarah Sze creates elaborate systems and whimsical arrangements that reflect on complex relationships and networks within contemporary life.

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