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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Milestones of Mexican Cinema

Film still from Nazarin, 1958 • directed by Luis Buñuel • Credit: Mexican Film Institute. •  • Photo courtesy of National Gallery of Art
Film still from Nazarin, 1958
directed by Luis Buñuel
Credit: Mexican Film Institute.
Photo courtesy of National Gallery of Art
Milestones of Mexican Cinema
WASHINGTON, D.C.  •  National Gallery of Art  •  Ongoing
The span of titles and subject matter in the film series is far-ranging, comprising a concise yet comprehensive survey of Mexico's distinctive achievements--from Fernando Fuentes' 1933 classic El compadre Mendoza, set during the Mexican Revolution, to Arturo Ripstein's epic family saga Principio y Fin from 1993. Of particular interest are the nuanced light and shading of cameraman Gabriel Figueroa, evident in several films of the 1940s and 1950s including Los Olvidados (1950), a masterpiece of director Luis Buñuel's Mexican period. The beautifully orchestrated compositions of director Emilio Fernandez are another series highlight, as are the varied adaptations of literary works such as Roberto Gavaldón's film Macario (1959), based on a story by B. Traven, or Juan Perez Jolote (1973), adapted from the novel by Ricardo Pozas. Numerous post-screening discussions will provide context and expand critical appreciation of Mexico's vast and complex film culture.

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