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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Netherlands
Theatre: Médée-Matériau

Theatre: Médée-Matériau: Anatoli Vassiliev, Valérie Dréville
AMSTERDAM  •  Theater Bellevue  •  Ongoing
Since meeting Anatoli Vassiliev in 1992, Valérie Dréville - an actress from the school of Antoine Vitez - has continued to return to the Russian director. In the past 10 years, she has developed to become his muse.

Vassiliev and Dréville worked together on the text written by Heiner Müller, a contemporary variation on the myth of Medea. In a very intense way, Dréville brings to the stage the character of betrayed wife and degenerate mother. A deep impression is made especially by the actress, sitting naked and immobile on a chair, smoking a cigarette as she fires away. The images on the video screen underline the drama that has taken place. In its intense shaprness and preciseness, the acting combines power and gentleness to allow Dréville to play a Medea with penetrating sentences, murdering on her predestined path between love, jealousy and the desire to be born again in the new reality.

Valérie Dréville is Vassiliev's muse as well as being an actress widely respected in her home country of France. Outside France, she has become known with her interpretation of the title role in the renowned Phèdre by Luc Bondy with the Théâtre Vidy in Lausanne (1998).

Text: Heiner Müller
Translation: Jean Jourdheuil and Heinz Schwarzinger
Director: Anatoli Vassiliev
Performance: Valérie Dréville
Scenography: Anatoli Vassiliev and Vladimir Kovaltchouk
Video camera and editing: Alexandre Chapochnikov
Costumes: Vadim Andreïev
Lighting: Ivan Danitchev
Sounds design: Andreï Zatchessov
Production: Theaters van Moskou/Hogeschool voor Theater
Duration: 1 hour
World première: 2 June 2001, Moscow

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