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Travel Tip: Dance in Germany
Abubakar Usman / African Creative Dance Company

© A. Usman • Photo courtesy of Haus der Kulturen der Welt
© A. Usman
Photo courtesy of Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Abubakar Usman / African Creative Dance Company
BERLIN  •  House of World Cultures  •  Ongoing
Choreography: Abubakar Usman

Dancers: Abubakar Usman, Esther-Abimbola Usman, Iwar Benjamin Ben, Okon Akam

Oju - The Eye and Night

In his latest work Oju (The Eye), Nigerian choreographer and dancer Abubakar Usman describes the spiritual path taken to transpose old traditions into modern life in a country gripped by political upheaval. On a journey down a road paved with brutality, hatred and torture, the four young dancers draw on traditional knowledge about the spirits as the key to establishing new human values.

When asked to comment on the second piece of the evening, the European premiere of Night (for three dancers), Abubakar Usman said: "The way we move forward during the day, we're glad when it's night, a time we imagine as being a quiet period. A lot happens every day - and everything at the same time. But most of us never notice what is happening during the night's global rapid eye movement phase. But in my view we can talk about it, think about it and show it in order to change it."

Abubakar Usman, born in 1970 in Kano/Northern Nigeria, is regarded as one of Africa's best dancers. His choreographic works have created a new, acrobatic and impressive language of movement. When he was 14, Abubakar Usman started with the National Troupe of Nigeria and has since worked together with Claude Brumachon in Les Larmes des Dieux in the Theatre d'Avignon, with Susanne Linke in Le coq est mort in Berlin's Hebbel Theater and with Koffi Kôkô in Les feuilles qui resistent au vent at last year's In Transit 03 at the House of World Cultures. He gave his debut as a choreographer in 2000 at the "Dance meets Dance" festival in Nigeria, and since then has created seven choreographies.

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