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Travel Tip: Dance in Germany
Cena 11 Cia. de Dança

© Fernando Luiz Rosa • Photo courtesy of Haus der Kulturen der Welt
© Fernando Luiz Rosa
Photo courtesy of Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Cena 11 Cia. de Dança : IN TRANSIT 2004
BERLIN  •  House of World Cultures  •  Ongoing
Cena 11 Cia. de Dança (Brazil)
Choreography: Alejandro Ahmed Lamela Adó
Dancers: Anderson João Gonçalves, Karin Elise Serafin, Karina Barbi, Paulo Fernando da Silva Ribeiro Jr. (Kiko), Mazela Ramos Reichelt, Mariana Romagnani Sieveira, Márcia Letícia Lamela Adó, Gisleine Alioto
Music: Hedra Cristine Rockenbach

SKR · Procedimento 01
European Premiere

Dancers leaping through the air, crashing full force on the floor, apparently without any protective clothing, breath-taking roller-skating and slide shows - the Cena 11 Cia. de Dança troupe raises fundamental questions about the body while pushing it to no-holds-barred breaking points. In the process, they create a strange, alien world but, despite the overtly violent images and bodies apparently bent on nothing short of self-destruction, it is one also containing an amazing poetry.

Cena 11's hybrid and radical dance style, mixing elements from video games and comics, computers and electronic music, androgyny, punk and polemics, has come to occupy a leading position in new Brazilian dance. The group build on their commitment to physical theatre, combining a willingness to push back the boundaries of pain with an in-your-face rejection of traditional narrative patterns and commercial ideals of beauty.

Alejandro Ahmed was born in 1971 in Montevideo/Uruguay and, from 1974 on, grew up in Brazil. He is self-taught and, since 1984, has been working as a dancer, joining the Cena 11 troupe in 1988 and winning his first national prize with them. From 1993 on he has headed the group, developing five choreographies for the ensemble. Between 1990 and 1994, he decided to specialise, working with teachers such as Ismail Guiser, Yoko Okada, Roseli Rodrigues, and later taking part in master classes, including one with Sasha Waltz in 1996. In 1997, the Vitae Foundation put him forward as a participant in the International Choreographers Residency of the American Dance Festival in North Carolina.

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