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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Austria
Henrik Olesen

Henrik Olesen, 1935 1922, 2003 •  • Photo courtesy of Secession
Henrik Olesen, 1935 1922, 2003
Photo courtesy of Secession
Henrik Olesen
VIENNA  •  Secession  •  Ongoing
Henrik Olesen is interested in the dispositives of power in society, especially those that criminalize homosexual behavior. He pays particular attention to works of minimal art and conceptual art, such as those by Sol LeWitt or Kenneth Noland, and the macho attitudes ascribed to them. Olesen works on both their aesthetics, which seem historical today, as well as on their specific ideas of space and the relationship between art/the artist and society. He thus describes photos from Vito Acconci's work Adaption Studies - showing the artist at a performance in his studio - using statistics and bold and simple questions about a hetero-sexist society.

Particularly in his sculptural works, Olesen questions the relationship between nature and culture and politics, and vice versa, and pleads for a direct exertion of political influence and a critique of what is considered normal.

Henrik Olesen lives and works in Berlin.

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Contact: Tel: (43) 1 587 53 07

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