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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Czech Republic
Yves Netzhammer

Yves Netzhammer  • Photo courtesy of Gandy Gallery
Yves Netzhammer
Photo courtesy of Gandy Gallery
Yves Netzhammer
PRAGUE  •  Gandy Gallery  •  Ongoing
Mankind Ė manís body and psyche - represents the focal point of the mysterious, silent and disturbing pictorial cosmos which Y ves Netzhammer invents in drawings and 3-D animation produced on the computer. While the commercial picture industry - with its cinematic special e f fects and computer games - is literally teeming with cyborgs, viruses and macine people against whom heroes brave ly struggle to defend humanity, in Netzhammerís world there is no apocalyptic , black and white vision of good and bad, right or wrong. Far more, he presents us with a scenario in which strange events and mutations repeat e d ly lead man into states of being that seem to trigger new activity and modes of behaviour quite automatically.

As an artist,Yves Netzhammer employs the technology of the new media, meaning that its conditions and use in society cannot be ignored when considering his works . Firstly, he utilises the possibilities of computer-based programmes for the development of his images; these are inevitably adjusted accordingly. Secondly, as a result of the medium, his works are also measured against the context of non-artistic digital picture production and pictorial ideas. Th irdly, a n d this is the truly decisive fa c t o r, he succeeds in linking questions originally bound up with new technological developments and insights to psychological and cultural historical content, thus creating a dense we b. His picture designs exist in the field of tension between the real aims of science and the speculative , as a rule diametrically opposite visions of commerce and art.

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