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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Spain
Living Under the Crescent Moon

Living Under the Crescent Moon : Domestic Culture in the Arab World
VALENCIA  •  Valencian Institute of Modern Art  •  Ongoing
The exhibition Living Under the Crescent Moon delves into the private household culture of the Arab world both in the past and today. This is the first large exhibition of this size and characteristics to investigate the different lifestyles of Arab culture in depth. By means of a broad selection of objects, furniture, photographs, architectural models or films, the show visits the tents of nomad camps and rural settlements like the kasbahs of Morocco or the magnificent houses of Marrakesh, Cairo or Damascus and examines them from the inside. Ethnic groups like the Berbers or the Bedouins are represented, among others. Furthermore, the exhibition gives an idea of the importance of colour, icons or symbols in Arab domestic culture and the modernity of some of their constructions or objects, without forgetting their great capacity for assimilating other cultures. The exhibition is accompanied by an excellent catalogue containing essays by renowned specialists in Arab traditions with spectacular photographs by Deidi von Schaewen.

Valencian Institute of Modern Art Web Site

Contact: Guillem de Castro, 118
46003 Valencia
Tel: (34) 96 386 30 00 ·

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