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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in England

Marina Kappos, Beast, 2002 • Digital Video on DVD, 3 minutes • Photo courtesy of Haunch of Venison
Marina Kappos, Beast, 2002
Digital Video on DVD, 3 minutes
Photo courtesy of Haunch of Venison
LONDON  •  Haunch of Venison  •  Ongoing
Animals is a group exhibition that includes artworks by seventeen international artists from Europe and America. The works on view explore how the otherness of animals opens up new ways of thinking. The works question who we understand animals and rather than objectifying or anthropomorphising them present them in their own right, often incomprehensible and mysterious. For example, in Marino Kappo's video, Beast, a domestic cat is shown much larger than life-size in close-up from below, snarling at some unseen threat.

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Contact: Tel: (44) 20 74 94 50 50

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