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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in England
Art and the 60s

Joe Tilson • Transparency, the Five Senses: Taste 1969 Tate • © Joe Tilson • All rights reserved, DACS 2004 • Photo courtesy of Tate Britain
Joe Tilson
Transparency, the Five Senses: Taste 1969 Tate
© Joe Tilson
All rights reserved, DACS 2004
Photo courtesy of Tate Britain
Art and the 60s : This Was Tomorrow
LONDON  •  Tate Britain  •  Ongoing
Art and the 60s includes some of the best-known artists of the last fifty years, among them David Hockney and Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake and Bridget Riley, as well as influential but less widely celebrated figures of the period such as John Latham, Liliane Lijn and Gustav Metzger. Such artists reflected and participated in the social revolution that became mythologised as the ‘swinging sixties’. The exhibition makes particular reference to those works and artists that marked a fundamental shift in art practice or artistic language, among them Anthony Caro, Robyn Denny, Allen Jones, Philip King, Colin Self and Joe Tilson. A key aspect of Art and the 60s is a wider exploration of the lively visual culture of the period. It examines, for example, the representations of sexuality and of celebrity that appeared not just in fine art but also in the photographs of David Bailey, John Cowan, Don McCullin and Robert Whitaker among others.

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