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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Germany
Homage to Michel Foucault

Rinaldo Hopf: Michel Foucault – Aquarell auf Buchseiten, 2004Photo courtesy of Schwules (Gay) Museum
Rinaldo Hopf:
Michel Foucault Aquarell auf Buchseiten, 2004
Photo courtesy of Schwules (Gay) Museum
Homage to Michel Foucault: marking the 20th anniversary of his death 15 October 1926 - 25 June 1984
BERLIN  •  Schwules (Gay) Museum  •  Ongoing
To mark the 20th anniversary of his death, the Schwules (Gay) museum is dedicating an exhibition to the life and work of Michel Foucault. Next to Jean-Paul Sartre, Foucault may be seen as one of the most important men of French thought in recent history. For him, too, philosophy was a political act aimed at bringing about change. Food for thought - but how to present philosophy in a museum?

The curator has chosen the collage as an appropriate form to show the selected material. Visitors will thus be greeted with an installation made up of quotes, to entice them to (again) read Foucault's texts. The first room has been wallpapered with some of his statements.

In front of, but also on and around these is an added layer with text by followers and critics of Foucault. Nietzsche, Marx and Freud, who left traces in the philosopher's work, are presented in a further installation. Against a wall filled with graffiti from 1968, two pillars are adorned with further collages. One pillar being dedicated to Foucault, the other to his opponent Sartre. On a high desk, placed in front of the pillars, texts are chosen that trace their relationship. This confrontation is framed by the artwork of Rinaldo Hopf who painted his watercolor on the pages of The Care of the Self and by collages made up of text and pictures relating to Foucault's own involvement in political campaigns. The latter occupy another entire wall. Finally, enlargements of ancient Greek painting on vessels direct the spectator's gaze to Foucault's unfinished later work. Here the visitor is also led to the world of saunas and bathhouses.

The second room has been reserved for relevant works of art, books, documents, posters and photos on loan from private and public institutions.

Contact: Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin
Tel: (49) 30 69 59 90 50

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