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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in Germany
Keeping your balance in an uncertain world

Hans-Ulrich Buchwald: Junge Radfahrer</i>, 1951  • &Ouml;l auf Rupfen, 60 x 75 cm • Photo courtesy of Schwules (Gay) Museum
Hans-Ulrich Buchwald: Junge Radfahrer, 1951
Öl auf Rupfen, 60 x 75 cm
Photo courtesy of Schwules (Gay) Museum
Keeping your balance in an uncertain world: Homoeroticism in the work of Hans-Ulrich Buchwald
BERLIN  •  Schwules (Gay) Museum  •  Ongoing
After the complete destruction in the Nazi period of all homosexual organisations, networks and personal freedom, it was only possible in 1945 to make tentative contact with the traditions of the Twenties. During this period, when Paragraph 175 still made all homosexual contacts punishable by law, any attempt to establish a homosexual way of life or to organize had to be very cautious indeed. Police harassment, raids, bans, censorship and prosecutions were the order of the day. Hardly any art with a homosexual theme could flourish in such conditions. During the Fifties and Sixties, hidden allusions and encoded homoerotic themes were almost the only resort of the gay artist.

Nevertheless, even in this period one can find veiled, artistic images of love among men - as in the art of Hans-Ulrich Buchwald.

After an early phase of homosexual experience, at the age of thirty Buchwald married the artist Hella Feyerabend, who was ten years his senior. It was a very happy marriage with three daughters, a union that was full of stimulation, artistic exchange and close cooperation. Simultaneously, however, he was having clandestine, fleeting and mostly nocturnal encounters with men. Buchwald kept these adventures hidden from his wife. These experiences and unfulfilled dreams inspired pictorial expression in homoerotic works of an extremely personal, distinctive nature.

Contact: Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin
Tel: (49) 30 69 59 90 50

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