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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Netherlands
Da Da Dalí

Da Da Dalí
ROTTERDAM  •  Kunsthal  •  Ongoing
This year marks the centenary of the birth of Salvador Dalí, born in Figueras, Spain. To celebrate this, the Kunsthal is organising an exhibition entitled Da Da Dalí, presenting more than one hundred vintage works, collages and documentary photographs made for Stern Magazine by Werner Bokelberg in 1965.

Photo courtesy of Kunsthal Rotterdam

The Da Da Dalí project is an eight-day performance by Dalí, his wife Gala Eluard, his tame ocelot and a Danish womam Lotte Tarp. The photographs were made by Werner Bokelberg but most were later edited by Dalí and made into photo collages. The project began in 1965 when Bokelberg and journalist Walther Hermann Schünemann went to see Dalí to portray him for Stern Magazine. They met Dalí in Paris and were invited to visit his private apartment in Port Lligat on the Costa Brava, provided that they bring a beautiful blonde woman with them. Accompanied by Lotte Tarp, a model, Bokelberg and Schünemann went to Dalíís apartment in the spring. The visit turned into an eight-day project, in which Dalí used Lotte Tarp as a source of inspiration. Various surrealistic scenes evolved in and around Dalíís apartment, which Bokelberg was only too glad to record. The Kunsthal is now presenting a comprehensive picture of this surrealistic Dalí project.

Using surrealistic photos and photo collages, the Da Da Dalí exhibition captures eight days in the life of Dalí.

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