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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Austria
Jake and Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman: Explaining Christians to Dinosaurs
BREGENZ  •  Kunsthaus Bregenz  •  Ongoing
Jake and Dinos Chapman (*1966 in Cheltenham, *1962 in London; live and work in London) are among the leading representatives of contemporary British Art. They had a solo exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art in London in 1996, and they took part in the legendary exhibition “Sensation” in 1997, to mention just two shows. In 2003, they were short-listed for the prestigious Turner Prize. They announced their intention of working together in November 1992 with their anti-aesthetic manifesto We are Artists stencilled on a wall of the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

Jake und Dinos Chapman : Hell. Sixty Five Million Years B C., 2004-2005
Mixed Media: Dimensions variable
Photo: Stephen White
© Jake und Dinos Chapman
Photo courtesy of Kunsthaus Bregenz

The Chapman brothers are always pushing borders and challenging taboos in their work. Aggressively and with the blackest humour and most subversive wit, they examine subjects like violence, war, the Holocaust, genetic engineering, and death with all the barbarity that goes with them. Even if their work may at first glance seem in-your-face, scandalous, and controversial, there is a concept with a definite philosophical claim behind their art. "We work analytically rather than critically. We aren’t trying to solve genetic engineering problems when we deal with the subject of cloning using child mannequins fused together and covered with primary sexual organs." (Jake Chapman in an interview with Holger Liebs, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 5/6 April 2003) What they are aiming at, rather, in their own words is producing "moral panic."

Along with the 34-part set of sculptures The Chapman Family Collection (2002), the sculptures Sex I (2003), Sex II (2003), and Sex (2003), the sculptures Death I (2003) and Death II (2003), as well as the entire cycle of 80 plates Insult to Injury (2003), visitors will also be able to see Hell Sixty-Five Million Years BC (2004–2005), Jake and Dinos Chapman’s most recent work and one created exclusively for the Kunsthaus Bregenz.

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