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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Russia
Fourth International Moscow Festival

Patrick Demarchelier<EM>Cover</EM>, 2005 2005 &copy;Pirelli UK Tyres Ltd/Patrick DemarchelierPhoto courtesy of Fourth International Festival, Moscow
Patrick Demarchelier
Cover, 2005
2005 ©Pirelli UK Tyres Ltd/Patrick Demarchelier
Photo courtesy of Fourth International Festival, Moscow
Fourth International Moscow Festival: Fashion and Style in Photography - 2005
MOSCOW  •  Moscow House of Photography  •  Ongoing

The Fourth International Moscow Festival comprises a series of exhibitions devoted to fashion and style including an exhibition of photographs by Horst P. Horst. Another major event is the exhibition Hollywood Celebrities: Edward Steichen's Vanity Fair' Portraits, drawn from the collection of the International Museum of Photography and Cinema George Eastman House, USA.

Also of special interest are two Russian historical projects: Life is Beautiful, Kitsch on Postcards and Photographs from the Mikhail Golosovski Collection, analyzing the popular notions concerning beauty and their evolution from mid-19th to the early 20th centuries; as well as Rodchenko's circle. People of Style, showing men and women from Aleksandr Rodchenko's milieu:­ photographers, artists, poets, the charismatic figures of Russian Avant-Garde.

The festival also includes the works of contemporary photographers, influential in shaping new trends in fashion and style: Sarah Moon, Miwa Yanagi, Erwin Olaf, Elaine Constantine, Joel-Peter Witkin , Alan Fleisher, Alya Esipovich, Marina Chernikova among others.

Moscow House of Photography Web Site

Contact: Tel: (7) 95 231 33 25

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