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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Greece
Eleutherna: Polis - Acropolis - Necropolis

Eleutherna: Polis - Acropolis - Necropolis
ATHENS  •  Museum of Cycladic Art  •  Ongoing

Bringing together the results of systematic excavations conducted by the University of Crete at the site of ancient Eleutherna over the past 20 years, this exhibition aims to demonstrate the continuity of human presence and habitation in a city from the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC) to the Middle Ages (12th-13th c. AD), that is a period of some 4.500 years. In that way, the visitor is invited to explore the transformations of a society through time, under the influence of varied social, economic and political conditions.

The exhibition is organized is three major sections: Polis (City), Acropolis and Necropolis, the two former representing the realm of daily life (public and private), the latter approaching aspects of the afterlife.

Finds from the Polis include parts of life-size statues, pottery of various periods, weapons, tools and jewellery.

The Acropolis contributes with figurines, pottery and other items from shrines.

The Necropolis documents all three known funerary practices: simple inhumations, pithos burials and cremations. These come from the Orthi Petra cemetery and date mainly to the period of the Homeric epics (9th-7th c. BC), thus helping to visualize the world described in the Iliad and the Odyssey. This section includes, also, a detailed reconstruction of a tomb with its contents and the monument that stood above it, as well as fragments of Daedalic and Archaic statues and grave stelae.

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