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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in France
Indian Brazil

Diadème Bororo, Mato GrossoAcquired at the boutique Artíndia de Cuiabá, 2003CID Collection, São PauloPhoto courtesy of Réunion des musées nationaux
Bororo, Mato Grosso
Acquired at the boutique Artíndia de Cuiabá, 2003
CID Collection, São Paulo
Photo courtesy of Réunion des musées nationaux
Indian Brazil : The Arts of the Amerindians of Brazil
PARIS  •  Galeries nationales du Grand Palais  •  Ongoing

Focusing on the identity of Brazilian Indians, this exhibition gives a broad view of the native cultures in Brazil from prehistoric times to the present day. Masks, feather finery, jewellery, weapons, statuettes, pottery, musical instruments--- some 350  works set in context in an exhibition that makes use of installations, sound, photographs, videos, drawings, and various ethnographic documents.

Brazil numbers 220 Amerindian groups spread over almost its entire territory, a total of about 500,000 people, 60% of whom live in the tropical forest. The exhibition tries to show the extraordinary cultural diversity of these peoples, both in the past and in the present, through the latest research in anthropology and archaeology in Brazil.

Galeries nationales du Grand Palais Web Site

Contact: Tel: (33) 1 44 13 17 17

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