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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Theatre: Godís Waiting Room

Theatre: Godís Waiting Room: By Ashlin Halfnight
NEW YORK  •  PS 122  •  Ongoing

Jeffrey Clarke, Shelley Gershoni, Rebecca Lingafelter, and Elena Mulroney

Alexis Poledouris, director

Presented by Performance Lab 115, Godís Waiting Room is the work of Fulbright Award winner Ashlin Halfnight, who will be spending a year in Budapest working with the National Theatre of Hungary on a trilogy of new plays.

Your plane crashes into the Atlantic. You end up in a room with four dead Floridians. What happens next? White lights, prayer and piano... or just more laundry, flank steaks and infidelity? Grab a can of beer and have a little hope, as we all go, not so softly, through the grotesqueries of beach-town life.

Fringe NYC Web Site

Contact: PS 122
150 First Ave. @ E. 9th Street
New York, NY
Tel: (1) 212 279 44 88

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