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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Czech Republic
Gerald Slota

<P>&copy; Gerald SlotaPhoto courtesy of Langhans Galerie Praha</P>

© Gerald Slota
Photo courtesy of Langhans Galerie Praha

Gerald Slota : Manuel Álvarez Bravo
PRAGUE  •  Langhans Galerie Praha  •  Ongoing

The American artist Gerald Slota (b. 1965) present his photography-based work. By drawing on anonymous negatives mostly from the first half of the twentieth century, he creates a world of images, evoking ideas of dreams, memories, and fairy tales.

A leading Mexican photographer (1902-2002), Álvarez Bravo was born in Mexico City and grew up there. Like other artists of the cultural renaissance that came in the wake of the Mexican Revolution of 1910-20, Bravo emphasized the past of the indigenous peoples of his country.

The chief subject matter of his photographs is nudes, traditional customs (mainly funeral rites and objects related to the theme of death), and scenes from the working-class milieu. He documented murals by Mexican painters such as Diego Rivera, and, from the end of the 1930s, taught photography at the Academy in San Carlos. He contributed photographs to Mexican Folkways, a periodical devoted to the cultural history of Mexico, and worked with film directors such as Eisenstein and Buñuel.

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