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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Italy
Francesco Nencini: Nonplaces

Photo courtesy of 56 Gallery
Photo courtesy of 56 Gallery
Francesco Nencini: Nonplaces
MILAN  •  56 Gallery  •  Ongoing

The exhibition of 52 framed gelatin silver prints,  curated by the art critic Stefano Pirovano, dissects the concept of "Nonplaces" borrowed from the study with the same title by the French anthropologist Marc Augé.

Francesco Nencini's photographic study is born of a journey that winds through the western metropolises, to document Nonplaces as spaces of anonymity where individuals who are similar, yet alone, live.

The subjects of his photographs are depicted in moments of passage through some well-known and other unobserved places: railway and subway stations, skeletons of abandoned factories and city views where anonymous skyscrapers represent the scenario in which contemporary solitude is found.

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