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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Konono No. 1

Konono No. 1: Congotronics
NEW YORK  •  Joe's Pub  •  Ongoing

Konono N°1 was founded over 25 years ago by Mingiedi, a virtuoso of the likembé (a traditional instrument sometimes called "sanza" or "thumb piano"). Drawing on traditional trance music, to which they've incorporated the heavily-distorted sounds generated by DIY amplification of their instruments, the band's line-up includes three electric likembés (bass, medium and treble), equipped with hand-made microphones built from magnets salvaged from old car parts, and plugged into amplifiers. There's also a rhythm section which uses traditional as well as makeshift percussion (pans, pots and car parts), three singers, three dancers and a sound system featuring these famous megaphones. The musicians come from an area which sits right across the border between Congo and Angola.


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Contact: Tel: (1) 212 539 87 70

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