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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Germany
Tableaux historiques de la Révolution

Pierre-Gabriel Berthault • Pillage de l’Hotel des Castries, F.B.G. • St. Germain á Paris, le Novembre 1790 • Radierung und Kupferstich nach • Jean-Luis Prieur •  •  •  •  •  •  • 
Pierre-Gabriel Berthault
Pillage de l'Hotel des Castries, F.B.G.
St. Germain á Paris, le Novembre 1790

Radierung und Kupferstich nach
Jean-Luis Prieur
Tableaux historiques de la Révolution
DÜSSELDORF  •  Museum Kunst Palast  •  Ongoing
The Tableaux historiques de la Révolution française are a very rich edition containing images of the epoque of the french revolution: important events and eminent people. It was published in several editions between 1791 and 1817. This long period is a sign that the Tableaux were very successfull. But this success could not be reached without readiness to take risks by the publishers. The project started up in the years of the terreur, the bloody pinnacle of the revolutionary era. The art scene had been nearly collapsed. Nevertheless the publisher hired excellent artists. It's true the production was costly but continued without greater disruptions though one of the most important collaborators, Prieur, was guillotined in 1795. Prieur had been a high jacobine official.

The political relations in France changed and so did the intention of the texts accompanying the tables. But this was different to the "Bildsprache" of the Tableaux: they have a characteristic aesthetic which is the reason for their remarkable reception. First in Belgium, Germany and in the Netherlands works were published, which copied parts of the original edition. After 1820 this project at last felt into oblivion. Their pictures however got reproduced up to this time, in books concerning the history of the French revolution.

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