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Travel Tip: Classical Music in Morocco
Fez Festival of World Sacred Music

Fez Festival of World Sacred Music
FEZ  •  Various venues  •  Ongoing

The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music is a multifaceted gathering that draws together the best of interfaith sacred music performers from around the world. This year’s programme includes French classical, Sufi music from India and Pakistan , a capella spirituals from England , Japanese drumming, a Mass from Argentina and a finale from Mali ’s maestro Salif Keita. Paying performances take place under a giant Barbary oak in the gardens of the Batha Museum and in the Arabian Nights splendour of the Bab Makina palace courtyard. Free concerts are staged in the vast Bab Boujloud Square and late at night with Sufi brotherhood musicians in the Dar Tazi Gardens.

Provisional Programme:
Friday 2 June
08:30 p.m. Bab Makina

William Christie and Arts Florissants (France)
Rameau, Mondonville, Rigel, Mozart

Saturday 3 June
04:30 p.m. - Batha Museum
Hassan Haffar and Omar Sermini (Syria)
08:30 p.m. Bab Makina
First part : Keyvan Chemirani -bio- - Rhythm of Speech (Iran, India, Mali)
second part : Esperanza Fernández -bio- - Concierto Flamenco (Spain)

Sunday 4 June
04:30 p.m. - Batha Museum

Agrupación Música - Missa Criolla (Argentina)
17th & 18th century Music of Latin American Cathedrals

08:30 p.m. Bab Makina

Za Ondekoza - Taiko Drumming from Tokyo, (Japan) 
Running, beating, and dancing on the Earth»

Monday 5 June
04:30 p.m. - Batha Museum

Yungchen Lhamo  (Tibet)
08:30 p.m. Bab Makina

El Llibre Vermell – Capella de Ministrers and Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana – (Spain)
Direction : Carles Magraner

Tuesday 6 June
04:30 p.m. - Batha Museum

Karima Skalli, Françoise Atlan et Curro Pinana (Morocco, France, Spain)
08:30 p.m. Bab Makina

Antonella Ruggiero (Italy)
Sacrarmonia with the Arké Quartett and Ivan Ceccarelli - percussions

Wednesday 7 June
Volubilis  :
   - Songs of the Brotherhoods of Morocco, - El Boussairi (Marocco)

Thursday 8 June
04:30 p.m. - Batha Museum

Black Voices - Spiritual Journey » Sacred songs A capella (England)
08:30 p.m. Bab Makina

Enrico Macias and Lotfi Bouchnak (France and Tunisia)

Friday 9 June
04:30 p.m. - Batha Museum

Aygun Baylar (Aïzerbadjan)
– Mugam from Azerbaïdjan - Mystical songs
08:30 p.m. Bab Makina

Saber Rebaï (Tunisia)
Songs of Abou al Hassan ash-Shusturi

Saturday 10 June
04:30 p.m. - Batha Museum

Mystical songs of the Women of the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia)
08:30 p.m. Bab Makina

First part: Cantates pour la Mare Nostrum – Mômeludies : Children Chœur with Romain Didier and Enzo Enzo (France)
Salif Keita -  M’bemba (Mali)


Fez Festival of World Sacred Music Web Site

Contact: Tel: (1) 212 55 65 28 16/17/18

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