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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England
Lampooning London

Lampooning London: Three centuries of satire, sex and scandal
LONDON  •  Museum of London  •  Ongoing

The more than 350 social and political satire images on display cut through all classes, from coruscating caricatures of the great and not so good, whether in etchings of George III or Prince Charles teacups, to the 'types' recognised by all Londoners: a usual suspects line-up of bankers, businessmen and aldermen, pickpockets, prostitutes and rchins. Whether taking in the high drama of historical events and political debacles, from the Westminster election farce of 1788 to Tony Blair’s current political headaches, or turning up rich intrigues in typical London streets, by focusing on the comic, on vice and folly, on strange contrasts and antisocial behaviour, these satires document the city and its people in a unique way.

The instantly recognisable Spitting Image latex heads of Margaret Thatcher and the Queen Mother join a motley crew of the laughing and laughed at, ranged alongside Toby jug grotesques, ‘sculptoons’, snuff boxes, chamber pots with reviled characters inside (a very literal way of taking the piss) and the peculiarly English phenomenon of the novelty teapot.

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