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Travel Tip: Art and Archaeology in Italy
Mantegna and Padua 1445 – 1460

Andrea Mantegna: <EM>San Marco</EM>Tempera a caseina (?) su tela cm. 82 x 63,7&nbsp;St&auml;delsches Kunstinstitut, FrankfurtPhoto courtesy of Eremitani Museum
Andrea Mantegna: San Marco
Tempera a caseina (?) su tela cm. 82 x 63,7 
Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt
Photo courtesy of Eremitani Museum
Mantegna and Padua 1445 – 1460
PADUA  •  Eremitani Museum  •  Ongoing

Born in or around 1431 in the small town of Isola di Carturo, near Padua, Andrea Mantegna is one of the greatest and most famous Italian Renaissance painters. The cities of Padua, Verona and Mantova are presenting three exhibitions as an overview of Mantegna's work. A total of 350 works including 64 masterpieces by Mantegna from 140 lending museums are on view.

Mantegna and Padua 1445 – 1460 at the Eremitani Museum documents his early training and early works. Expect crowds.

Andrea Mantegna Web Site

Contact: Piazza Eremitani, 8

Tel: (39) 49 2010023

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