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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in England
Ursula Martinez

Ursula Martinez: <EM>Showoff</EM>Photo courtesy of Barbican Theatre
Ursula Martinez: Showoff
Photo courtesy of Barbican Theatre
Ursula Martinez: Me Me Me!
LONDON  •  Barbican Theatre  •  Ongoing

Written by Ursula Martinez and Mark Whitelaw
Mark Whitelaw, director

Ursula Martinez performs her highly personal trilogy of works exploring identity, self-obsession and the artifice of performance.

Family Outing (1998)
Performed by Ursula Martinez, Milagros Lea and Arthur Lea. An autobiographical show in which Martinez interrogates her parents, live on stage.

Show Off (2000)
Performed by Ursula Martinez and Carmen Cuenca
A deconstruction of the myth of celebrity and the performing ego, complete with gameshow, post-show discussion and an unforgettable striptease. Show Off investigates the struggle to establish one’s own identity in a world concerned with image, presentation and fame. Contains nudity.

OAP (2004)
Performed by Ursula Martinez and Eve Pearce
An exploration into the fear of growing old.

Barbican Theatre Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
19:45, 18:30, 20:00, 21:30

Contact: Barbican Centre
Silk Street

Tel: (44) 020 76 38 88 91

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