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Travel Tip: Pop Culture and Cinema in United States
Susana Baca

Susana Baca
NEW YORK  •  S.O.B.s  •  Ongoing
Afro-Peruvian Vocalist and Latin Grammy Winner Susana Baca first won an international following with “Maria Lando,” a track on the 1995 David Byrne produced The Soul of Black Peru. Her songs on slavery and suffering and often reworked Afro-Peruvian classics not only serve as a reminder of her past but an exhortation to younger Peruvians to reach back to their past. Baca opened up access to this segment of the society with her jazz-inflected efforts and detailed attention to graceful lyrics, which is often cited as the principal difference between her and her music predecessors.

S.O.B.s Web Site

Detailed schedule information:
7:00 pm


204 Varick Street
7th Avenue (Varick Street) and West Houston Street
New York, NY 

Tel: (1) 212 243 49 40

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